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Saturn Elementary

Saturn Elementary

Saturn Elementary School has various projects to be addressed which are stated in Attachment F.  The attachment is located in the documents section.
Sabal Elementary School is one of the schools on the priority list to be addressed through summer 2017.

Because the cost of the work is estimated to exceed the $2 million threshold for utilizing the District’s continuing service contracts, the work must be awarded through a competitive process. The project will be done through a design build contract, where the successful firm provides construction and final design/permitting services. This process requires the District to develop a Design Criteria Package (DCP) that is prepared by a third party architect (the Design Criteria Professional) who outlines the scope and minimum specifications and/or requirements for the project. The proposal from the Design Criteria Professional is scheduled for School Board consideration on August 25, 2015.

In order to achieve economies of scale and reduce administrative costs, this project will be combined with other schools on this list for implementation over the next two years. The following categories should be included in the project:

                    FACILITY RENEWAL                                                                                                                                             

51 01          Safety and Building Code Deficiency Corrections                                                         $145,842

51 03          Fire Alarm System Renewal                                                                                       $9,447

52 04          Central Mechanical Plant Renewal                                                                              $540,126

52 05          Cooling and Heating Control System Renewal                                                              $126,860

52 06          Air Conditioning and Air Distribution Equipment Renewal                                              $498,130

53 08          Exterior Building Wall Finish System Renewal                                                              $6,143

53 09          Exterior Door/Window/Louver System Renewal                                                           $186,364

52 10          Building Water and Sanitary Piping System Renewal                                                    $41,967

52 11          Water Heating System Renewal                                                                                 $17,900

54 13          Electrical Distribution System Renewal                                                                       $76,449

                    Facility Renewal Total                                                                                             $1,968,352


                    EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY                                                                                                                        

65 01          Technology Building Cabling                                                                                                                           

65 02          Technology Equipment Renewal                                                                                                                  

65 03          Classroom Technology Infrastructure (Electrical, HVAC, Data)                                         $69,267

                    Educational Technology Total                                                                                   $69,267


                    Total All Categories                                                                                                   $2,037,619


Purchase orders were issued to replace failed R-22 wall hung air conditioning units in classroom portable N-939 as well as replacing a failed mini-split unit under category 5206.

The District Security project and the remaining Educational Technology components will be handled separately.

Project management, administrative and permitting staff time will be charged to the sales surtax fund.

Project construction start date in summer of 2016.
 James Hudson - Maintenance Coordinator/Construction Manager
 Project is funded by Half-Cent Sales Surtax.
 A Design Build Contractor will be selected through a Request for Proposals process.
Design Criteria package has been created by
To Be Determined


Design Criteria Package BRPH Fairglen Kennedy Saturn web site.pdfDesign Criteria Package BRPH Fairglen Kennedy Saturn web site
Saturn Elementary - Attachment F.pdfSaturn Elementary - Attachment F


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