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Jefferson, Thomas Middle

Thomas Jefferson Middle

Thomas Jefferson Middle School has various projects to be addressed which are stated in Attachment F.  The attachment is located in the documents section.
 Jefferson Middle School is sixth on the priority sales surtax project list based on the priority evaluation system developed in conjunction with the sales surtax referendum.  Some of the mechanical system work that is included on the Attachment F Sales Surtax Funded Detail Report was done in summer 2014. The remainder of the work is planned for summer 2016 (Exhibit 1).

Because the cost of the work is estimated to exceed the $2 million threshold for utilizing the District’s continuing services contracts, the work must be awarded through a competitive process. This project will be done through a design build contract, where the successful firm provides construction and final design/permitting services.  This process requires the District to develop a Design Criteria Package (DCP) that is prepared by a third party architect who outlines the scope and minimum specifications/requirements for the project. The District has contracted with BRPH to prepare the DCP.

In order to achieve economies of scale and reduce administrative costs, this project is being combined with the Tropical Elementary School project. Savings will be achieved in the administration of the contractor selection process and may also be achieved through better pricing because of a larger project (combined value +/- $6 million). The costs will be separated by school and by category.

A purchase order has been issued to BRPH to prepare the DCP which includes the following categories, as budgeted in Attachment F:

  51 01 Safety and Building Code Deficiency Corrections   $23,107
  52 04 Central Mechanical Plant Renewal¹,²   $716,444
  52 05 Cooling and Heating Control System Renewal   $324,076
  52 06 Air Conditioning and Air Distribution Equipment Renewal³   $923,802
  52 10 Building Water and Sanitary Piping System Renewal   $146,924
  52 11 Water Heating System Renewal   $28,558
  54 12 Electrical Supply System Renewal   $38,015
  54 13 Electrical Distribution System Renewal   $752,086
  54 14 Electrical System Components Renewal   $497,281
    Total:   $3,450,294

1Some of the components in this category were replaced in 2014. They have been noted in the DCP.

2The cooling tower recently failed and is being replaced this summer. A design purchase order was issued to DDC Engineering in the amount not to exceed $10,690. An emergency purchase order has been issued for the equipment in the amount of $47,670. Installation bids are due June 15. The total cost of the cooling tower replacement is expected to exceed the component budget in Attachment F (5204-13).

3Design work on two chilled water air handlers above the serving lines in the kitchen was done prior to the sales tax referendum. This work will be incorporated into the DCP.

The purchase order (approved by the School Board April 14, 2015), in the amount of $37,000 includes not only the preparation of the DCP but also required services relating to contractor selection and construction administration.

The Educational Technology projects have not yet started.

A not-to-exceed design services contract, in the amount of $7,725, has been issued to Harvard Jolly for the District Security projects. This work covers the following categories on Attachment F Sales Surtax Funded Detail Report (Exhibit 1):

  66 01 Perimeter/Entry Fencing and Gates   $24,461
  66 02 Building Access Security Equipment   $29,800
    Total:   $54,261

The design fee for the fencing and building access control includes field review and coordination with district security staff and the school principal. The architect will also coordinate with other district staff to ensure that security does not compromise life safety and fire safety codes. The design will provide a menu of access control projects that can be implemented now with the available sales surtax and is easily expandable as additional funding becomes available. The design is funded with sales surtax.

Project management, administrative and permitting staff time will be charged to the sales surtax fund for the Facility Renewal, District Security project and Educational Technology projects. These costs have not been posted to the financial system as of June 5, 2015, but will be included on the next report to the ICOC.

The cooling tower failed and was replaced.
James Hudson - Maintenance Coordinator/Construction Manager
Project is funded by Half-Cent Sales Surtax.
A Design Build Contractor will be selected through a Request for Proposals process.
 Design criteria package has been created by BRPH Architects-Engineers, Inc.
To Be Determined.


1- Jefferson Middle - Attachment F.pdf
1- Jefferson Middle - Attachment FUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
6/25/2015 11:42 AMBREVARDSCHOOLS\Lindemann.David
A- Jefferson Project Status Report_ICOC June 17 2015.pdf
A- Jefferson Project Status Report_ICOC June 17 2015Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
6/25/2015 11:42 AMBREVARDSCHOOLS\Lindemann.David
B- Jefferson Exhibit 1_ICOC June 17 2015.pdf
B- Jefferson Exhibit 1_ICOC June 17 2015Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
6/25/2015 11:42 AMBREVARDSCHOOLS\Lindemann.David
Design Criteria Package BRPH Tropical and Jefferson.pdf
Design Criteria Package BRPH Tropical and JeffersonUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
4/18/2016 2:50 PMBREVARDSCHOOLS\Weaver.Debbie


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